AMU Result, Aligarh Muslim University Results 2017-

By | January 30, 2017

The Aligarh Institute Gazette, an organ of the Scientific Society, was launched in March 1866 and succeeded in agitating the minds in the traditional Muslim society. Anyone with a poor level of commitment would have backed off in theface of strong opposition but Sir Syed responded by bringing out another journal, Tehzibul Akhlaq which was rightly named in English as ‘Mohammedan Social Reformer’

In 1875, Sir Syed founded the Madarsatul Uloom in Aligarh and patterned the MAO College after Oxford and Cambridge universities that he went on a trip to London. His objective was to build a college in line with the British education system but without compromising its Islamic values.

AMU Result B. A. (Hons.) 

 AMU Result B. A. (Hons.) Foreign Language 

 AMU Result B. A. LL. B. 

 AMU Result B. Arch. 

 AMU Result B. E. (Evening) 

 AMU Result B. Ed. 

 AMU Result B. L. I. Sc

 AMU Result B. S. W. 

 AMU Result B. Sc. (Hons.) 

 AMU Result B. Tech. 

 AMU Result B.U.M.S./Pre-Tib 

 AMU Result C. E. T. (Professional Courses) 

 AMU Result Diploma in Engineering 

 AMU Result Diploma in General Nursing 

 AMU Result LL. M

 AMU Result M. A. (Mass Communication) 

AMU Result M.B.A./M.B.A.(I.B.)/P.G.D.I.B & F

 AMU Result M.B.B.S./B.D.S. 

 AMU Result M. C. A. 

 AMU Result M. Ed. 

 AMU Result M.F.C./M.T.A. 

 AMU Result M. L. I. Sc. 

 AMU Result M. S. W. 

 AMU Result M. Sc. (Biotechnology) 

 AMU Result Master of Agribusiness Management 

 AMU Result S.S.S.C. (Science) 

 AMU Result S.S.S.C. (Humanities / Commerce) 






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