Freedom 251 Smartphone Experience, Booking Online Closed

By | August 28, 2017

Freedom 251 Smartphone Experience, Booking Online Closed, – India based Ringing Bells which is maker of Freedom 251 Smartphone. Ringing Bells was launched the Freedom 251 Smartphone the phone with 4.00 inch Touch screen display with resolution540 pixels by 960 pixels, 1.3Ghz quad core, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB Internal Memory






Front Camera



540×960 pixels




Android 5.1



Rear Camera


Battery capacity




Now According to media Ringing Bells, Maker of the world cheapest Smartphone as come under the income tax department as offering 251 rupees Smartphone. The company said it has received 3.70 crore registrations on Day 1 and 2.47 crore on Day 2.


#Freedom251 also get hacked which now get restored every one has some views and share experience you also share your experience in comment as this company withing night


@Deepak: as far as the news is.. The phone is govt. subsidized, to promote make in india, hence so cheap. It is true that a smartphone with quite good features as freedom251 should be atleast having a price of 1.5-2K if I am not wrong.

It is too big a risk of doing such an open scam, as (251 +40=)291 might not be such a big money for most as individual, but if they receive huge amount of orders, that will be a huge money for the co. collectively.

Ravi Tyagi  Says – It is the biggest scam … How can people be too fool to believe such stupid gimicks. Even a basic Modem Chip costs > 8 USD, and cost of appliation processor we have not talked yet. I dont know… These scams are successful becuase people like you still believe in magic.


Nitin Gupta

Whether the site was restored or not, hacked or not, the fact is no one is able to book the phone. Even on flash sale on amazon or flipkart, at least some users will be able to buy the phone. But no one has yet confirmed being able to book the phone with a success message or payment done.


On Pay Now, the site is redirected to the same page without any registration success pop-up or crashing page or even payment page. Technically, the whole story of selling phone at Rs 251 seems to be hoax and publicity stunt.

I would request the Ringing Bells Company to justify on how the company can provide a phone at such low cost as the cost price includes the cost IMEI number, product material and patents royalty cost for using various features. Given a chance that the product is made at such low cost, can the logistic cost be included in Rs251 ? Who is bearing the additional cost to provide the phone at such low cost ?

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