Google New Algorithm to Reduce App Sizes,Make Size of Play Store app update Smaller

By | July 24, 2016

Google New Algorithm to Reduce App Sizes,Make Size of Play Store app update Smaller  Google Make Size of Play Store app update Smaller, This article is about Faster App Updates, Google New delta Algorithm for App size, Bsdiff Algorithm– it is good news for all the Android Users who use a lot of apps which consume a large amount of data while update. Science Google Play Store Supports APK Sizes up to 100 MB but in case of some apps data consumption is more then this problem is face by many Android Users Now Google Solve your Problem by Using Delta Algorithm which is also called as Bsdiff for Google Play Store.

Google Make Size of Play Store app update Smaller

For app updates, the Bsdiff analyzes the difference between installed Apps and Updated apps Components in new APK and Provide the differential to user means size is reduce up to 50% in compared to old  the delta Algorithm said by Google.

 Play Store now lists actual download and update sizes, new algorithm

Google announced today that Google Play Store improvement on size of Update. So now Google Announced the delta Algorithm to reduce the Android App updates which is called as bsdiff. So Google Pay Store will now Show you actual Download Size not APK file Size. If you already have an app you will see the update size.


 New Algorithm in Google Play Focuses on Smaller App Updates

Google Announce a New Algorithm for Reduce size of Android App Update so users can check their already download app update size which is reduce to 50% in comparison to last Delta Algorithm. This new algorithm work with extension of APK file up which can be up to 2 GB.

Google Play’s new delta algorithm reduces size of Android app updates

Mobile users are very careful abou the use of Data they are using when not connected with wifi Specially so Google is thus trying to help user and trying to reduce the size of data required for Google Play app installs and updates.

 New Algorithm Reduces App Update Size in Google Play Store

To inform to all of Android Users about the size of Updates Google has now include the “Update Size” data in Play Store Listing Application. This information will be shown if app is already installed while new downloading app will show you actal “Download Size” in listing


The algorithim has already been rolled out Faster App Updates


Google Play store Android App Updates Reduce size is beneficial for both user and developers

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