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PTC Sites are called as Paid to click (PTC) is an Online Business Model in which you will be gettin money whenever you watch ad. PTC Websites is a website which allows its members to earn money by clicking advertisement links which is displayed in the site and viewing ads for few seconds. To earn money from PTC Sites you need to sign up. ClixSense and Neobux are best PTC website which is running from a long time so its are most faithful websites. It hardly takes 5-10 Minute on 1 PTC websites you can earn $100-$250 Monthly. Its good thing is that to earn money from PTC Sites does not require any special skill just need basic computer knowledge. This is best method to earn money online from this ptc sites for all the persons who are free at home and college students. Make accounts on number of PTC Sites and earn online. You just need to login and Click on given advertisements per add money will credit. If you want to earn money online join PTC Sites and make account and get money. I am here to telling you how to earn money online.

 Earn Money From PTC Sites

If you are watching TV and ads coming which is not giving you money butt this website is like tv which provide you money to watch ads and give you option to make money online. PTC Sites paid to click Ads on their websites

 Requirement for PTC Sites

What are the requirement for earn money online free from ptc sites

If you want to earn money by clicking ads you just need to Sign Up to highest paying ptc sites or genuine ptc sites.

You need to require following things:

  1. A personal Computer or Laptop.
  2. Gmail Account
  3. Personal Account
  4. Paypal or Payza Account

To earn money online PTC Sites business is the best to make money online from Day 1 which is best job for all the persons who are interested online part time job or college students and house wife.

How to earn money by clicking ads or PTC Sites ?

 It is very simple process to make money online through PTC sites. First of all you need to register a free membership account with best ptc sites. After Successfully Registration you need to login to your account and go to advertisement section and you will get a number of ads you need to open one ad at a time which is opened in new tab. Browser of ad will automatically close after few second and your account will be credits. Repeat this process until all the ads of day get finished do the same process in all PTC Sites. Note that One account on 1 website through 1 computer and internet connection.

How to get paid from PTC Website?

  1. Every PTC Site have a minimum payout value which is 2$ to 6$ which is different for different PTC sites which means that Payment will be credits to your after this threshold value
  2. Some PTC Sites Payments are automatic and in some PTC Sites you have to give a payout request.
  3. All the payments are processed in 6 working days.
  4. No Matter where you are in world your earn dollar by clicking ads will be credits to your paypal or payza account.
  5. From Pay pal you can transfer to your local account in local currency.

Why PTC ?

  • No any special Skill required to Make Money Online through PTC Sites
  • It is totally free to join PTC Sites
  • No Experience Required for PTC
  • You can work any time and anywhere means you can view paying ads anywhere

How to Earn through Referrals in PTC ?

if You want to earn more through PTC sites after Clicking Ads you need to upgrade your membership or else by renting referral or Referring to work and you will get some commission till your referral lifetime. Referrals are those people who join ptc through your referral link. PTC Sites provides you referral links for every registered member who can use that link to refer to other for register for this PTC. They are called direct referrals. If you are not able to get direct referrals then you can get through ptc sites itself which offering this service and you have to pay a rental fee of $0.2 per referral per month. So in this way through direct referrals or rent referrals you can increase your PTC Earning in PTC Sites.

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How you can make direct referrals?

  1. Once you joined tell to your friends, family or neighbours about their business tell them its free get extra money in free.
  2. Share your referral links and banners on social media as – Face book, Yahoo, Twitter, MySpace.
  3. Creating a blog or website about this PTC business which is best method to get more referral.
  4. Active in forum – Internet offers many forum sites about making money you can join them and share your link with others.
  5. Advertising your referral links and banner to drive more referrals.

Some PTC Sites
1. ClixSense





3. Grandbux

4. Express Paid